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Development of JAXA High Power Density High Efficiency High Speed Motor-5/23 Research and development of next-generation small high-speed motors with high power density (light weight) and high efficiency (low heat generation) in space exploration missions will be conducted and the results will be announced. "Dynamics-related dynamics symposium SEAD 31" Tokyo Institute of Technology Suzukakedai Campus (Denen-Toshi-Sen), 5/23 (Thu) 13: 00-15: 30 (9 lectures in all). The strategy for achieving the target (mass 25g, output 50W and high efficiency) lies in high magnetic flux density and high speed rotation, but a large wall where efficiency increases and temperature rise increases due to rapid increase of eddy current loss and hysteresis loss was. Therefore, by core loss analysis considering vector magnetic characteristic analysis, parameter analysis of the form (width and length) and shape (collar R, root R and tip shape) of teeth is repeated to design the stator core shape. did. In addition, the reduction of mechanical loss, assembly processing manufacturing, and examination of the drive driver were repeated, and development succeeded. The contents and results of the above study will be introduced for a total of nine lectures led by Dr. Enokizono (Institute of Vector Magnetic Properties). The reason why vector magnetic property analysis was effective for shape design was that the core loss distribution could be simulated accurately and the effect of shape change could be confirmed (the core loss distribution of the conventional method is different from the actual). Therefore, at our exhibition booth, we will explain mainly on the difference between the conventional method and the results of vector magnetic property analysis, and we hope you will participate.
Succeeded in developing the world's top class compact high-efficiency motor! [Use vector magnetic property analysis] Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun (3/14) and JAXA press release (2/7) announce the technology of the above-mentioned title. Features of the small high-efficiency motor developed 1) Continuous operation with a mass of 25g and output 50W 2) High speed from low speed to high speed, 80% or more efficiency over a wide range from low to high 3) High speed of 15,000 revolutions or more per minute Achieve over 85% efficiency over a wide range in rotation 4) Extremely low heat generation. Motor power density achieved twice that of conventional. The result is JAXA's Space Exploration Innovation Hub, which has been jointly developed with Shinmeiwa Industry, Oita University, Nihon Keizai University, Ibaraki University etc. High speed rotation is key for low mass and high output, but eddy current loss increases with the square of frequency. Therefore, the Vector Magnetic Properties Research Institute (Mr. Enokizono) has high-speed, high-efficiency core technology that suppresses eddy current loss with extremely thin steel plates, and Ibaraki Univ. (Mr. Soda) designs an iron core shape and hiss loss by vector magnetic characteristic analysis. Reduced. Detailed information will also be presented at the organized session of the "Electromagnetics-related Dynamics Symposium" held on May 22-24 at Tokyo Institute of Technology Suzukakedai Campus. We will exhibit at the exhibition booth as a result of our "vector magnetic property analysis technology" that we handle.
We have uploaded our English version of our website.Especially regarding vector magnetic characterization software μ-E & S, there are many inquiries from overseas. Currently, μ-E & S is loaned to Aachen Technical University and evaluations are taking place, so we made the website English. You can switch with the switch on the right, so please have a look.
From the end of last year, our vector magnetic characterization software μ-E & S is lent to Aachen Technical University and vector magnetic characterization analysis is being evaluated.Aachen University of Technology is located in the west end of Germany and is a university excelled in engineering and technology in Germany. Recent news, with the cooperation of the university, it was said that Germany e.Go enters production of electric vehicles for the city. It is small battery, low price, it is like EV specialized for near distance. As you can see from this article, research on high efficiency and low loss of the motor seems to be carried out actively.At the university, Vector Magnetic Characterization Technology has also attracted attention from the early days and research was done, but at the end of last year Prof.Enokizono(Vector Magnetic Property Research Institute) was invited and joint research was conducted for about two months . According to the teacher, research is progressing very much on the other side, and it seems that technical content on vector magnetic characteristics is almost understood. In addition, experiments and production facilities are also substantial, cooperation with companies has been actively carried out, and it seems that development of the next generation motor is proceeding.Regarding magnet vector characterization analysis, we seem to be building simulation technology first and it seems there is a problem in the first step. Meanwhile, we are trying to utilize our company's μ-E & S including verification. Dr. Enoko's technology is attracting considerable attention in Europe, so I will think about spreading software. For the beginning, we are planning to begin disseminating information on the homepage's English version soon.
Start free starting campaign of μ-E&S! Vector magnetic characterization software μ-E&S, analysis examples have also been improved and free lending campaign as a new project started ~ 2019/3 / end. It is a great opportunity to understand vector magnetism analysis, to actually use it, confirm the difference in results with conventional method, to check whether it is effective against customer's problem. If you are interested please contact us.
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We have updated the analysis examples of μ-E&S and visualization of material properties. For details , please check here .
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