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An AC electric field version has been added to μ-EXCEL, a thermal and electromagnetic field analysis software for easy and quick initial judgment. What is the AC electric field version? In an alternating current field, a frequency-dependent displacement current flows even when the conductivity is 0. Dielectric heating technology utilizes the heat generated by this current. It is also used to heat resin and wood. Hyperthermia is used to heat living organisms, and capacitance is measured using biological current. All of these have frequency characteristics. It can be used for such considerations.
We will exhibit at the New Technology Creation Exchange Meeting 2023. A large-scale matching event between small and medium-sized businesses in Tokyo and major development departments. 2023 Wednesday, October 25th, Thursday, October 26th, venue: It will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Industrial Exchange Center "Tokyo Tama Mirai Messe" (5 minutes walk from Hachioji Station). This time, we will be exhibiting ``μ-EXCEL,'' thermal and electromagnetic field analysis software that is simple, fast, and for initial determination. Please come visit our booth. [Click here for details]
We will exhibit at the Machine Element Technology Expo (booth No.35-6). An exhibition of machine parts and processing technology, etc., will be held from June 21 to 23, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight. This time, we will exhibit the vector magnetic characteristic analysis software "μ-E&S" and the three-dimensional analysis software "μ-MF", focusing on the simple, fast, and initial judgment analysis software "μ-EXCEL". Please drop by our booth
We will exhibit at the International Conference on Computational Electromagnetism (COMPUMAG)! COMPUMAG, an international conference on electromagnetic field analysis, will be held in Kyoto in 2023.May 22nd (Mon)-26th (Fri), Kyoto International Conference Center). This time, the magnetic measurement equipment of Metron Technology Research Co., Ltd. As a simulation utilizing the measured data, We will exhibit the Vector magnetic property analysis software "μ-E&S. Motors for EVs and drones are increasing their rotation speed (higher frequency) and magnetic flux density more and more in order to increase torque. Dynamic E&S responds to this trend. A function to calculate the magnetic field waveform in the high frequency range and a function to adapt to the distorted magnetic flux waveform in the high magnetic flux density range are added. This exhibition will focus on this dynamic E&S. This time, we have uploaded the materials of Dr. Masato Enokizono, who advocates vector magnetic properties, below. It's a difficult topic, so I'd like you to read it in advance and talk to me directly. [Click here for details]
"Analysis" is a video site that introduces μ-EXCEL's analysis know-how. This time, we made it possible to download the μ-EXCEL data used in the video. This allows the user to actually operate and check the analysis know-how.[Click here for details]
I contributed an article to the monthly magazine "Machine Design" (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun). In the October issue, "Latest Trends in Motor Magnetic Design" was featured, and as "Latest Trends in Electromagnetic Field/Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software", Along with JMAG and Ansys, we introduce our Jupiter-E&S (co-developed with Technostar Co., Ltd.). The title is "Electromagnetic field analysis software Jupiter-E&S and issues and noteworthy technologies for EV motors", focusing on induction motors, which are attracting attention in Europe and the United States.【Click here for mechanical design】
Our company, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, first developed 3D electromagnetic field analysis software after its establishment. It is μ-MF of. I will inform you that I made an introduction video this time 【Click here for the video】
notice2022/5/16 【March 22 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun article commentary】【Succeeded in developing a high-speed induction motor!】
Developed mainly by Professor Masato Enokizono (Professor Emeritus of Nippon Bunri University, Professor Emeritus of Oita University, Visiting Professor of Ahen Institute of Technology, Germany) who devised our "vector magnetic property analysis" technology. "Dual axial gap type high-speed induction motor" A compact high-output motor with a diameter of about 10 cm and air-cooled 10,000 rpm continuous operation. Induction motors are versatile, easy and sturdy, environmentally resistant, low cost, and maintenance free. For high output, it is large, and even if it is small, it can be rotated at high speed to increase output, but the heat generation of the iron core is a problem. The electromagnetic steel sheet is currently about 300 μm, and heat generation is suppressed by thinning, and this time we invented a practical 80 μm steel sheet. Thin steel sheets are difficult to stack, and they are rolled and laminated for mass production. Dual type that sandwiches the rotor from both sides for even higher torque. The EV synchronous motor generates a lot of coil heat, the magnet is weak against heat and requires a water cooling device, the development induction motor is air-cooled, and the low output can be incorporated into 4 wheels. A new selection technique that overturns the common sense that "induction motors are impossible!" Challenges for high speed are coil winding, ultra-thin electrical steel sheet processing, and low friction on rotating shafts. Aiming for practical use through joint research with a specialized technology manufacturer. 【The article is also from the Vector Magnetic Properties Technology Laboratory】
The video of 3D induction heating and temperature analysis software "μ-TM" has been uploaded. Introducing the analysis involving the movement of the heating coil! [Streaming video]
The video of μ-MRI shield room design analysis software “μ-MRI” has been uploaded. You can check the 5 Gauss line in the shielded room with a simple operation! [Streaming video]
We are pleased to announce the release of the new series "μ-EXCEL motor characteristic version". You can easily create a motor model using a model template and easily calculate the static characteristics of the motor![Distribution video] [Detailed information] μ-EXCEL series
Easy operation! Subscription service for “Excel-based heat / structure / electromagnetic field analysis software μ-EXCEL” is now available! Numerous μ-EXCEL series can be used freely for 9,800 yen per month. [We will respond to such requests] ・ I do not always need analysis, I want to use it only when necessary ・ I do not have one analysis theme, I want to do magnetic field analysis and temperature analysis ・ Cost as low as possible [There] ・ You can use your favorite series for a monthly fee of ¥ 9,800. ・ You can use your favorite series in the meantime. ・ You can apply by monthly application. You can resume. [For details] Click on the “μ-EXCEL subscribe plan starting with this button” banner above.